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Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Trends In Marketing Mobile Will Continue to Grow

Political campaigns have started using mobile marketing. Senator Obama's campaign then capitalized using a mobile phone near universal young Americans to create mobile applications and text messaging system to communicate with potential voters and supporters. Trends in the use of mobile marketing by politicians will only continue as the increasing use of smart phones and their devices become the primary method of communication and information gathering. Grassroots organizing will no longer be done in meetings and offices, but will be done through the social web. These include mobile devices as a means of political advertising. Providing a platform for political communication and advertising will become an increasing trend for mobile marketing in the next decade. The biggest emerging market for mobile marketing is Asia. Getting the best mobile marketing information is essential for success. A company that sets sights on market penetration is going to reap huge benefits in coming decades. Cell phone ownership has soared and with more than one billion people in China alone, the opportunity for mobile marketing is huge. One of the most recent campaign for Unilever's Axe produce 680 million incoming calls. Being able to take advantage of sheer numbers of mobile phone users in the Asian market will be key to who the main players in the world of mobile marketing in the next decade. Gaining a foothold in the market today will provide the ability to ride the rising tide of Asian markets that will surely arise in the next decade. Predicting the future can obviously be a very difficult thing to do. History is filled with future predictions that never come to pass. However, the trends in mobile marketing  shown here has already begun. Although many of them are small now, there is plenty of room for them to grow in coming decades. There is no reason this trend will not continue to develop and attract a larger user base. This trend will continue to offer mobile marketing opportunities in the coming decade.  

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